Safes and Armored Units

The family-owned Swiss company, Rieffel, has operated in the field of premium safes for over fifty years.
They offer a vast selection of top-quality products, suitable for customers’ most diverse needs. The VT-FS series comes in blue and magenta and guarantees fire protection for documents for at least sixty minutes.
The RR series is available in graphite grey varnish, in three different sizes, and offers excellent performance.

page rieffel vtfs 1800x1013

VT-FS Series

  • Fireproof

  • Wall thickness 86mm

  • External hinges

  • Closes on one side with round 16mm rods and anti-release rods on the hinge side

  • Electronic lock

page rieffel rr 1800x1013

RR series

  • Double-layered casement

  • 65mm thick triple-layered door, 6mm thick sheet metal, internal hinges

  • Closes on 3 sides with round 25mm bars and an anti-release rod on the hinge side

  • Electronic lock


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